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Online Training

Wing Chun Concepts Distance Learning Program

You are about to begin a journey into the Kung Fu Life. It will require discipline, hard work and perseverance. Studying through a distance learning program like this is even harder. You will have to be your own coach, supply your own motivation, and use honest self-evaluation to guide your progress.

Before you continue the registration process, make sure that you have read and understand some of the key concepts of the Wing Chun Concepts training program:


The Wing Chun Concepts course is a members-only program. Your initial membership is $60.00 (US) and includes access to the Wing Chun Foundations Level One course. You may optionally add-on the Kung Fu Fitness and/or the Spirit of Shaolin courses at no additional cost.

Once you have completed the Level One course, you may apply to advance to Level Two, and so on through the entire course progression. Additional course levels are $60.00 each.

Important: Currently, the online training only includes the Wing Chun Foundations Level One course. Additional levels are in development but we cannot guarantee a timeline for access.

Belt Rank: The online material is organized into levels based on belt rank, progressing from White Belt to Black Belt. Please note that no official belt rank is provided online. If you wish to test for rank, please visit a FFIA Network School for evaluation.


When you click the Notify Me button below, you will be taken to an email sign-up form where you can register to be notified as soon as registrations become available. We are in final beta testing now, and expect to open registration in Summer 2018. If you still have questions, please use the Contact Us button.