Tune In. Chill Out. Shape Up. Never Back Down.

Kung Fu Fitness

Living the Kung Fu Life includes having the fitness to do whatever you want to do, to meet your daily tasks with vigor and alertness, and with abundant energy to enjoy life or respond in a time of crisis. Different people will have different fitness needs and goals. You may simply want to have the energy and physical ability to play with your children (or grandchildren), or to garden, hike or pursue your favorite leisure-time activity. More likely, however, is that you want to go beyond that.

People like you who seek out the Kung Fu Life are on a journey of self-improvement. You want to be better. You want to be your best. You want to be in peak physical condition. You want to be alert and mentally focused. And you want the ability to both work and play with maximum performance.

Achieving this Peak State requires discipline and dedication. Like Kung Fu, it is the outcome of consistent effort over time. The ingredients are smart, injury-free exercise, good nutrition, appropriate rest, and an inner alignment of goals and purpose that keep you on task. The Kung Fu Fitness modules are recipes that blend these ingredients to achieve a very specific result. In Peak State, you should be able to:

Whether you call it “being present,” “being in the Now,” or “being in the moment,” your ability to Tune In and be alert in the present moment is vital to survival and to success in work, relationships and every other aspect of life.

In our modern world, the single biggest threat to our health and well-being is the soul-crushing effects of stress. To unlock creativity and maximize performance, we have to develop the skill to Chill Out or burn off the toxic effects of stress in our daily lives.

Shaping Up isn’t about a number on a scale; it’s about performance. It’s about having radiant health, abundant energy, strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. It is a mindset of nutrition instead of calories, of body composition instead of weight, and a focus on functional performance.

Something quite unique about Kung Fu training is that it builds a quiet confidence that you can handle any challenge – up to and including the threat of physical violence. Your ability to overcome obstacles is limitless. Whatever your goals, you have the courage to Never Back Down.

The Kung Fu Fitness modules are optional lessons within the Wing Chun Concepts core curriculum. They follow a model of developing the human potential developed by the Chinese Kung Fu masters over thousands of years, optimized by modern health and sport science, and enhanced by the work of modern pioneers in the world of peak human performance. Whether you are looking to rebuild and revive your fitness levels, or seeking to thrive and optimize, these lessons can be your guide.

The Kung Fu Fitness modules will appear contextually right alongside the core Wing Chun curriculum, auto-magically showing up right where they can be most effective. If you are already maintaining peak fitness and athleticism, feel free to skip over these lessons. For everyone else, these insights can help guide you to the best possible version of yourself.